Ab Abdominal Trainer

Ref. : Y048

Height : 710mm

Length : 710mm

Width : 730mm

Weight : 3,5kg

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- AB Trainer YOURFIT is a device to train your abs in an effective, comfortable, safe way that guarantees results.
- The ergonomic headrest provides comfortable neck support through the full range of possible movements, while the padded handles and armrests allow for a wide variety of abdominal exercises.
- The AB trainer helps to eliminate back pain caused by incorrect technique when performing abdominal muscle training.
- The design allows you to perform various types of exercises, supported by an exercise guide to maintain the correct posture.

- Black color.
- Made of: Steel frame.
- Coated: Ultra resistant EVA PU foam.
- Weight: 3.5 kg
- Size: 71 x 73 x 71 cm.