About Us YourFit Equipment


YOURFIT® EQUIPMENT was born in 2020, where we designed and created products / equipment for Premium Home Fitness use, highly innovative and with avant-garde design.
We design high performance equipment, thus creating a new generation of training in your home.

Our mission is to create the desire to practice sport and make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the largest number of people, in a sustainable way.
Our customers' happiness and life improvement through sports are our passion!

YOURFIT® EQUIPMENT's objective is to synchronize and connect all your equipment with the best experience, providing a range of training developed by the best fitness professionals, so they can train accompanied without leaving home achieving the best results!

We have several equipments prepared for professional use, thus granting a quality of excellence, boosting businesses such as equipment for Hotels, Training Centers, Fitness Boutiques, Personal Trainer centers, among others ...

PREMIUM has never been easier! Welcome to the new generation of Fitness!