Adjustable Kettlebell 2 to 20KG YourFit Equipment i430cl1l2

Adjustable Kettlebell 2 to 20KG

Ref. : Y046B

Height : 34cm

Length : 23cm

Width : 27cm

Weight : 18kg

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The Adjustable Kettlebell is designed to allow you to adapt the weight to your needs. Iron plates can be removed or added according to your selection of the total weight to be used on the Kettlebell, ranging between 2 and 18 kg.
This equipment is versatile and adjustable, an excellent option for your Home Gym, Hotel or Studio.
It is ideal for working the arms, torso and legs and strengthening the muscles in these areas of the body including the Core.
It's quite easy to use. Simply unlock the locking system at the top of the dumbbell and adjust the weight as desired for the exercise. Lock the system again and start using the dumbbell. When you finish your exercises, you can place the equipment on the included rubber base so that it stays tidy without damaging your floor.

- Resistant and durable material.
- Adjustable to various weights.
- Compact design.
- Locking system: allows you to adjust the desired weight.
- Up to 7 possible weights.
- Includes storage base.
- Material: cast iron, ABS, rubber.
- Dimensions: 23 x 27 x 34cm approx.
- Weight: 18kg.