Adjustable MULTI Functional Bench YourFit Equipment i357cl1c8p1l2

Adjustable MULTI Functional Bench

Ref. : Y04GYM

Height : 880mm

Length : 1660mm

Width : 550mm

Machine Weight : 37kg

Maximum User Weight : 150kg

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- Adjustable MULTI Functional Bench, a high quality adjustable bench with multi exercises, allows you to train at maximum performance by adjusting the angle from 0º to 90º.
- With this bench you also have the possibility of training legs with the configuration of Leg Extension and Leg Curl exercises, and also a Scott bench for biceps training.
- Bank with a simple and effective designer.
*Adjustable 0/90º (horizontal / vertical plane)
- Leg training (Leg Extension + Leg Curl)
- Arm Training (Scott Bank)
- Easy to use, 6 adjustments on the back.
- Adjustable leg and Scott training adapter.
- Disc placement area on the front (50mm).
- Painting: Powder coating C/2 rounds (+ varnish)
- Front transport wheels.
- Ground support zone with rubber shims
- Protection 1: Color available (Black / Gray).
- Structure Color: Black.

- Delivery to the indicated address: All products include this modality. The equipment will be delivered to the indicated address, being the customer's responsibility to take it to the desired division.