ARM STATION - Professional YourFit Equipment i287cl1l2

ARM STATION - Professional

Ref. : YPT03

Height : 2050mm

Length : 1750mm

Width : 1530mm

Machine Weight : 216kg

Load : 100kg

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- The ARM STATION - EXE LINE machine is designed and built with the current world of Fitness in mind, namely the Personal Trainer service, for clubs, hotels or in YOUR HOUSE, ensuring an excellent quality of service for the customer.
- The equipment is composed of several stations, minimizing space occupation as much as possible and increasing the potential for use.
- It has user-friendly technology, making the most of each equipment due to its speed of adjustment, thus minimizing the user's loss of time in order to perform an exercise in complete safety.
- Machine with a simple and effective designer.
- Very efficient biomechanics, allows selection lines of very natural motor trajectories.
*Swivel station: Swivel arms adjustable 180º (horizontal / vertical plane)
- User-friendly for the student, all adjustments with informative color (yellow).
- High/strength nylon pulleys, 105x20mm, with 6202RS sealed bearings.
- 5.5mm PVC coated steel cable with an external diameter of 1200KGF.
- Painting: Powder coating C/2 rounds (+ varnish)
- Tube 1: Oval tube, 50x150mm, 3mm thick.
- Tube 2: Oval tube, 50x100mm, thickness 3mm.
- Weight plates made of steel.
- Protection 1: Color available (Black / Gray).
- Structure Color: Customizable.
- Water support.
- Towel support.
- Includes Accessories.

- Delivery to the indicated address: All products include this modality. The equipment will be delivered to the indicated address, being the customer's responsibility to take it to the desired division.
- Delivery with installer: If you want us to place the machine in the space that best suits you (villa or apartment), you must hire this service. (when requested at time of purchase).
- Premium delivery and installation: ideal for heavy products in home gyms, studios or others. In this modality, our technicians will take the machines in their own vehicle, at a date and time previously agreed with you. The machines will be assembled, tested and all packaging taken later for recycling. The cost of this service varies depending on the number of machines and access to the house. We recommend that you request a personalized quote for orders with this service.
- Choose the delivery method best suited to your needs.