Bodybuilding Bar 2180m (30mm) YourFit Equipment i420cl1c11p1l2

Bodybuilding Bar 2180m (30mm)

Ref. : Y050A

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- YOURFIT weight bar is designed for intensive strength training and functional training.
- Load stabilizer bars are a very useful tool to secure the load with stops at each end, thus ensuring maximum safety in use.
- It can also be used in weight training, weight bearing training, on benches or squat cages.
- The bar contains marked gripping areas with rough perforations that ensure its ease of use as well as safety in the handle, making the area non-slip.

Material: High strength steel.
Features: For 30mm diameter discs.
Size: 2180mm
Max weight bearable: 200kg (recommendable),
Includes: Two side safety springs.