DUMBBELS & PUMP SET 20kg YourFit Equipment i407cl1l2


Ref. : Y019A

Weight : 20kg

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- DUMBBELS & PUMP SET one of the most versatile equipment for muscle toning, it is an equipment that will keep you in shape.
- This innovative equipment allows many exercise options without leaving your home, you will train all your muscles effectively to get the best results.
- Your home gym, which can be configured in different ways, can be used in the form of dumbbells or barbells.
- This set has 8 2.5kg discs, two dumbbell bars and a connector for the bar format.
- In the dumbbell set you can adjust from 5 to 10 kg on each dumbbell.
- With the bar connector, you can use up to 20 kg.
- It is particularly suitable for performing numerous and effective muscle strengthening exercises, ideal for training Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, in general the upper body including the central part, that is, your CORE.
- The fact of its versatility and load capacity, will increase the possibility of training your lower body too, you will get well-trained legs, and of course your glutes will be well designed, strong and rigid.
- The discs are of high quality and absolutely resistant, they are lined with soft rubber and have a reinforcement ring in the central area to increase their durability.
- The safety/lock system with a star-shaped clasp, locks the discs during exercise, protecting them from possible accidental drops.
- The grip area is non-slip, ensuring total control and safety during training.

Technical features:
- Dumbbell bar length: 40cm
- Connector length: 40 cm
- Possible total length of the bar: 120 cm
- High quality PVC weight discs.
- Star safety clasp: 4 Pieces
- 20 kg set consisting of 2 dumbbells, 1 additional bar.
- 8 discs of 2.5kg kg
- Disc hole diameter: 28 mm
- Shaft hole diameter: 27 mm