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EMS eletronic muscle stimulation

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- EMS electronic muscle stimulation, a state-of-the-art equipment that will raise your thirty to the limit.
- It was never so easy to get a dream abdominal! Now with EMS electronic muscle stimulation in just 20 minutes per day of use, you will get as much as desired Six pack.
- The technology consists in not sending signals directly to the muscles causing their contraction and distension.
- Available with 6 programs and 9 different stimulation intensity levels. This equipment was designed to stimulate the abdominal muscles and help them tone quickly and safely!
- The EMS electronic muscle stimulation is portable and can be easily transported, with a digital display that allows you to choose the best fitness exercises for your results.
- The electrodes are fixed with the help of a reusable layer of superconducting gel that is located behind two electrodes.
- Allows you to train all your muscles because it contains offers to train other areas of the body, such as Core, legs, shoulders, arms, lombar region, pescoço, quadris.

1. Tones and strengthens your muscles.
2. Contains electromagnetic pulses to help firm and define your core as a strengthening of muscle contractions.
3. Easy to use with a press button with 6 programs.
4. electrical muscle stimulation technology (ems).
5. Recommended to use 1 time per day, with 20/30 minutes of training.
6. You should use according to the equipment recommendation or original training pulse with a specific current frequency for each muscle group. (see equipment brochure)
- Includes Main Body (Abdominal area) + 2 multi-exercise fitas (adaptable to other muscle groups).
- Includes 3 stimulators for simultaneous use.
- I included extra gel for future use.
- Includes individual loading cable, two stimulators.
- Includes informative leaflet of use + manual of exercises.
- Avoid the use of equipment with body creams, or others that we can remove due to adherence capacity "main function of sticky gel"
- Avoid grinding or equipment, it could be damaged.
- Use only the recommended areas for EMS.