Iron Discs - 25mm (Pair) YourFit Equipment i413cl1l2

Iron Discs - 25mm (Pair)

Ref. : Y147B

Weight : 1,25kg

Weight : 2,5kg

Weight : 5kg

Diameter : 30mm

Diameter : 30mm

Diameter : 30mm

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Cast iron discs designed and powder coated.
Ideal to accompany your workouts, and can be used on multiple bars.
The diameter of the disc is 25 mm, adapted to be used in any bar of this size.
Highly resistant, it allows you to take your workouts to the limit, able to ensure all types of training you want.
This product has a premium finish and is highly weather resistant.
Its quality ensures 99.99% calibration.
Hole diameter: 25mm.
*Prices are for a set of 2 discs.