Multi Functional Smith Machine YourFit Equipment i364cl1l2

Multi Functional Smith Machine

Ref. : Y12GYM

Height : 2200mm

Length : 1350mm

Width : 1700mm

Machine Weight : 198kg

Maximum User Weight : 180kg

Load : Ajustável C/Discos

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- Multi Functional Smith Machine is equipment built with the highest quality.
- Designed for strength training and rehabilitation, prepared for high performance athletes, personal trainer service or those who want to exercise while training at home.
- This equipment is for professional use providing ultra-smooth movements.
- With this fantastic equipment you can train strength, power and muscular endurance.
- This large equipment maximizes its efficiency due to its robustness, but minimizes the occupation of the necessary space, in other words, in a small space we have a complete gym.
- Includes a wide range of accessories to offer you a complete and safe training.
 - This equipment has a weight capacity of 350 kg, where you will train your whole body, with exercises for your Legs, Buttocks, Back, Chest, Abs, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, and much more....
- Accessories that allow you to have exercises such as Sissy bench, Core Trainer, Ladmine bar, adjustable bar rests, dips attachment, Multi-Grip, Chin up / Pull Up, adjustable Crossover cable, adjustable Smith Machine, footrest for low rowing /high, Disc Support (6), Dorsal bar, triceps bar, simple crossover handles, bar support and many other accessories..
- The Multi Functional Smith Machine includes a built-in exercise chart to help you build your exercise routine and show correct and safe movement patterns.
- The pulley system offers the possibility to perform more than 75 different exercises. Dual guide rails allow maximum smoothness with a user weight capacity of up to 200 kg.

- Delivery to the indicated address: All products include this modality. The equipment will be delivered to the indicated address, being the customer's responsibility to take it to the desired division.