Multi Functional Squat Rack YourFit Equipment i363cl10c8s24p1l2

Multi Functional Squat Rack

Ref. : Y11GYM

Height : 2330mm

Length : 1500mm

Width : 1700mm

Machine Weight : 140kg

Maximum User Weight : 180kg

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- Multi Functional Squat Rack, very complete and robust structure for those who want a diversified, efficient and super safe training.
- This equipment stands out for the advantage that in little space you will have lots of training options.
- The high and low pulley allows you to work different muscle groups and various training accessories can be added.

Includes several accessories:
- 2x J Cup Hooks + 2x Spooting Arms + 1x Pull-up Bar
- 1 pcs Ladmine
- Disc Support (optional in 50mm or 3mm)
- Pull Down
- Pull Up
- Sissy Squat
- Dips Attachment
- Accessory Dorsal Handle 48º and V-handle included.
Option: You can add accessories that will allow you to work biceps, triceps, back, traps, legs, glutes, adductors/abductors, among other muscle groups...

- Delivery to the indicated address: All products include this modality. The equipment will be delivered to the indicated address, being the customer's responsibility to take it to the desired division.
- Delivery with installer: If you want us to place the machine in the space that best suits you (villa or apartment), you must hire this service. (when requested at time of purchase).
- Premium delivery and installation: ideal for heavy products in home gyms, studios or others. In this modality, our technicians will take the machines in their own vehicle, at a date and time previously agreed with you. The machines will be assembled, tested and all packaging taken later for recycling. The cost of this service varies depending on the number of machines and access to the house. We recommend that you request a personalized quote for orders with this service.
- Choose the delivery method best suited to your needs.