Multi Functional Squat Rack YourFit Equipment i363cl10l2

Multi Functional Squat Rack

Ref. : Y11GYM

Height : 2330mm

Length : 1500mm

Width : 1700mm

Machine Weight : 140kg

Maximum User Weight : 180kg

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- Multi Functional Squat Rack, very complete and robust structure for those who want a diversified, efficient and super safe training.
- This equipment stands out for the advantage that in little space you will have lots of training options.
- The high and low pulley allows you to work different muscle groups and various training accessories can be added.

Includes several accessories:
- 2x J Cup Hooks + 2x Spooting Arms + 1x Pull-up Bar
- 1 pcs Ladmine
- Disc Support (optional in 50mm or 3mm)
- Pull Down
- Pull Up
- Sissy Squat
- Dips Attachment
- Accessory Dorsal Handle 48º and V-handle included.
Option: You can add accessories that will allow you to work biceps, triceps, back, traps, legs, glutes, adductors/abductors, among other muscle groups...

- Delivery to the indicated address: All products include this modality. The equipment will be delivered to the indicated address, being the customer's responsibility to take it to the desired division.