SET PUMP YourFit Equipment i317cl1l2


Ref. : Y017A

Weight : 20kg

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Robust and high quality professional use kit.
The design of the discs is designed for group use, making them safe to use, the shape of the discs prevents them from rolling.
High quality iron discs with EVA (soft rubber) insulation.
The exquisite and super comfortable finish increases the durability of the equipment.
The bar is prepared to receive 40kg (maximum recommended).
This Set allows you to add 10kg discs, you can obtain these discs on the fitness ellipse.

This Set is composed of the following components:
Includes Discs with Handles: 2×1.25kg + 2×2.5kg + 2x5kg.
1 Insulated Bar with NBR + Side Grips (Lock Jaw Collar).
*Discs with Handles: 10 kg (optional)
Bar diameter: 28mm
Bar length: 1400mm