SILICONE OIL YourFit Equipment i283l2


Ref. : YSILC

ml : 250

Height : 210mm

Width : 50mmØ

Load : 250ml

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Y-SILK is a lubricant specifically developed to ensure constant and lasting lubrication of fitness equipment, from cardio equipment, bodybuilding equipment, free weights, etc... thus ensuring the preventive maintenance of all equipment:

Compatible with:
- Treadmill: maintaining a constant, fluid and silent glide.
The application is made with the treadmill stopped and applied under the running surface (running mat), first on one side and then on the opposite side. After application, run the treadmill for 1 to 2 minutes so that the gel spreads over the entire surface.

- Bodybuilding machines: Apply in areas where bushings slide, such as weight plate shafts, as well as guide areas that need to be lubricated.
Apply a layer of gel on the intended area and leave it on for 15 seconds, then the equipment is ready for use.

- Indoor Bikes: Suitable for placing on surfaces such as leather brake pads, or other types.

- Other applications: Being a lubricating gel, it can be applied to all areas that need lubricant and ensures long-lasting sliding.

- High quality lubricant.
- Allow to increase the performance and durability of your equipment.
- Material: Silicone oil.
- Capacity: 250ML