TATAMI TWO COLOR 40mm YourFit Equipment i411c12s29cl1p1l2


Ref. : Y187B

Height : 40mm

Length : 1000mm

Width : 1000mm

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MAXIMUM DENSITY EVA Foam Tatami, ultra resistant, ideal for combat sports, children's leisure and other sporting activities.

- Puzzle fitting system that is very easy to assemble and disassemble.
- Made from high-density EVA foam.
- Waterproof product.
- No smell and super comfortable.
- Good shock absorption.
- Two usable sides with different colors (black/red).
- Easy installation, no maintenance.
- Easy to clean material.
- Safe with non-slip surface.
Available measurements:
Bicolor Tatami – 1000x1000x25mm.
Bicolor Tatami – 1000x1000x40mm.