VINYL DUMBBELL YourFit Equipment i304c11s28cl7p1l2


Ref. : Y001/2/3/4/5

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Y001: Alteres 1kg vinyl (pair) - (Color) Yellow.
Y002: Alteres 2kg vinyl (pair) - (Color) Pink.
Y003: Alteres 3kg vinyl (pair) - (Color) Red.
Y004: Alteres 4kg vinyl (pair) - (Color) Green.
Y005: Alteres 5kg vinyl (pair) - (Color) Blue.
- Alterations of excellent quality in hexagonal shape.
- Vinyl facilitates cleaning and eliminates dirt.
- Each weight has a corresponding color, which makes its identification more effective.
- It allows for easy and safe storage since its hexagonal shape eliminates the possibility that they will rotate.
- The texture of the vinyl covering creates a soft, comfortable and safe grip.