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Ref. : Y040 UNTIL 045

Weight : 4kg, 8kg, 12kg. 16kg. 20kg, 24kg

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Y040 to Y045: Vinyl Kettlebells.
- Versatile equipment that allows you to work multiple exercises.
- Kettlebell body produced in steel and covered with vinyl.
- Each weight has a different identification color.
- Handle area in painted steel with a non-slip varnish finish.
- All areas of the handle are of the same thickness.
Available weights:
Kettlebell Vinyl - 4kg (Green)
Kettlebell Vinyl - 8kg (Yellow)
Kettlebell Vinyl - 12kg (Orange)
Kettlebell Vinyl - 16kg (Red)
Kettlebell Vinyl - 20kg (Blue)
Kettlebell Vinyl - 24kg (Purple)