Wall Mount Trainer YourFit Equipment i414c8cl10p1l2

Wall Mount Trainer

Ref. : Y047

Length : 500mm

Width : 980mm

Maximum User Weight : 150kg

Weight : 5kg

Machine Weight : 4kg

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- Bar for pull up exercises. This pull up bar is wall mount, ideal for various exercises, makes your workout more effective, as well as adding strength and tone to your entire abdominal section.
- The maximum recommended load capacity is 250 kg (depending on the type of surface it is attached to).
- With ample padding and heavy-duty steel construction and multi-handles, the pull up bar provides stability for simple exercises and is ideal for easily training your back, arms and abdominal muscles.

- Easy to assemble, includes assembly and fixing manual.
* includes 8 metal anchors for fixing.

Material: Painted Steel
Weight Capacity: 250kg
Tubular tube size: 28 x 1.5 mm
Rectangular tube size: 38 x 38 x 1.5 mm
Overall size: 980x500mm.
1. Simple assembly is required according to the included instructions.
2. Your wall/installation must be strong enough to support your weight.