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X-PlOSIVE Pre-workout 250g

Ref. : ELPROT102

DOSES : 30

FLAVOR : Blue Tropical

Weight : 250g

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- A pre-workout is a way to increase your energy, boosting and maximizing your performance during training.
- They usually come in the form of a powdered supplement that you mix with water.
- Pre-workout supplements usually contain combinations of ingredients, making them an easy alternative to taking several different supplements before training.

- X-PLOSIVE PRE WORKOUT is a revolutionary new ultra pre-workout formula with an ultra concentrated content with creatine nitrate. It is a unique formula on the market that can be taken immediately after starting a workout or exercise session. Strength, energy, endurance. For a top workout!

- Our Pre-Workout is made with the ingredients that have been most researched in the field of ergogenics.
- Through the well-defined and documented (Beta-Alanine) action of B-Alanine as a carnosine substrate (with a great contribution to the buffering of hydrogen ions during high intensity exercises) BA significantly increases carnosine levels in muscle fibers types I and II, lowering the accumulation of hydrogen that occurs during high-intensity exercise and there is also an increase in the sensitivity of contractile fibers.
 - Low muscle pH (muscle acidosis interferes with numerous metabolic processes that will result in lower energy production and fatigue) and H+ accumulation (this accumulation is proven to corrupt phosphorylcreatine re-synthesis/inhibits glycolysis/corrupts function directly) are the primary cause of fatigue in short-term, intense exercise.
The Beta-Alanine formula is an example of: +carmosine, +pH (alkaline), - ioeshydrogen, = BETTER PERFORMANCE.

- Caffeine is the "fuel" that moves the Modern World and is at the top of the scientific evidence in terms of increasing sports performance, positively affecting the central nervous system, energy and muscular systems.
- Increases Dopamine and Adrenaline making you more X-plosive.
- Improves the transmission of nerve impulses (benefiting athletes in explosive exercises).
- Decreases the sensation of pain and physical exertion, increasing your performance.
- Improves glycogen replacement (this is why it is also an excellent post-workout drink for better recovery.
- For those who have bi-daily workouts it can make a lot of difference).
- Facilitates the mobilization of fat.
- Increases fat oxidation during training (benefits in this respect, especially endurance athletes).
- Increases the recruitment of motor units.
- Contrary to what is said, caffeine does not increase dehydration during training
- Caffeine increases physical and cognitive performance, but in Nutrition you must take into account the individuality of each one (recommended consumption of caffeine can be between 3-6mg/Kg).
- High doses of caffeine can have a negative effect on mood and cognitive performance and therefore the maximum caffeine content should not exceed 600mg/day.
- Creatine is a natural compound formed by three amino acids: methionine, arginine and glycine. Our body is able to synthesize a small amount of Creatine per day (+/- 1g), and the rest must be supplied through diet (meat and fish are the main sources) or supplementation.
- The body has different energy systems, with phosphocreatine being the main fuel of the pure anaerobic system, by far the most explosive, but also the most fatigued.
- Creatine supplementation facilitates the regeneration of this scarce fuel, allowing you to perform some extra repetitions or higher loads in training. The result will be more strength and more muscle!
- Muscle and strength gains mainly come from the contribution of extra energy, which allows you to train with more intensity, but there are other factors. For example, greater muscle volume is achieved, as Creatine promotes an increase in muscle glycogen and intracellular water retention (a more hydrated muscle is a muscle that contracts better) optimizing protein synthesis.
- The extra glycogen also improves performance in activities that make use of the glycolytic system, such as CrossFit or high-intensity exercise in general.
- Improves glucose control in diabetic people.
- Prevents muscle loss and bone weakness (Sarcopenia!) in older men and women.
- Although 90% of creatine accumulates in the muscles, it is also important in the brain, and its improvement in cognitive ability has been demonstrated especially in older people.
- Citrulline Malate is a precursor of nitric oxide via nitric oxide synthase, and its use is associated with increased performance in different modalities (especially anaerobic) and relieves muscle pain.
- Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid synthesized from L-Arginine or produced from the nitrogen contained in L-glutamine.
- Has an intermediate function in arginine synthesis (kidneys).
- Citrulline Malate is the most used form in the sports supplement industry, which is nothing more than the conjunction of L-Citrulline and malic acid.

INGREDIENTS: Creatine Nitrate, Citrulline Malate, Arginine AKG, Beta-Alanine, Caffeine, Schisandra Chinesis Extract, Niacin, Maltodextrin, Sucralose, Natural and Artificial Color.

- As a food supplement, take 1 scoop 30 minutes before training, or as directed by the Nutritionist.
- Mix 1 scoop (8.33 g) with 200-250 ml of water.
- Drink 30-40 minutes before training, preferably on an empty stomach.
- On non-training days, X-PLOSIVE PRE WORKOUT is not required unless you need a stimulant effect.
- We do not recommend taking it 4 hours before going to bed.
- We do not recommend taking more than 1 scoop in 24 hours.
WARNING: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

- You should keep X-PLOSIVE PRE WORKOUT in a cool, dry place.
- Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.
- Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
- Keep away from direct sunlight.
- Store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C, in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight.
- Keep out of the reach of children.

Note: It is advisable to consult a doctor or nutritionist whenever you have doubts about the consumption of this product.